Travis Williams

I am not a professional hunter. I often wonder if I should be allowed to go in the woods with some of the dumb mistakes I've made. I once missed out on shooting a big 10 point because I forgot to put a firing cap in my muzzleloader! The TV shows portray a great white hunter out in nature shooting a 170 class deer on the first day of season. I say good for him. But that's not me. I am a self/youtube taught hunter who's had to learn hunting lessons year by year, season by season the hard way. Yet I can tell you this...I love it. I may not make it pretty. I may not have the best hunting gear. I may be impatient and have spooked more deer and turkeys than I've killed. But I love it. I'm just an average guy who really enjoys nature and the hunt. I grew up hunting coons and squirrels in southeast Ohio. I now chase deer and turkeys in southeast Ohio. But more importantly than all of that...I chase the Lord. I believe God created me to live for Him and that he sent His son to die for me. And the Bible tells me whatever I do, to do it all in the name of the Lord. So I hunt and do my best to respect what God has created. I am not a hunter who just happens to be a Christian. I am a Christian that loves to hunt. 
I currently am blessed to serve as Family Minister at the Belpre Church of Christ in Belpre, Ohio. I am also blessed to be the husband of Kate Williams and the father of Hadassah and ansley Williams. I am excited to be a part of Shedding Light Outdoors. I hope  to shed some light on what God's Word teaches and maybe some hunting tips that I learn along the way.