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We are a group of average Joes who enjoy sharing our hunting experiences and our faith. We aren't professionals by any means, but as someone once said, "We are just part-time hunters hunting full-time deer." Shedding Light Outdoors was born in June of 2015. Travis Shirer and Travis Williams had been shooting hunting parody videos called TNT Outdoors throughout college. In 2012 they actually got a bow kill on film and the addiction began. In 2014 Travis S got together with Joey Barrett and filmed "Barrett's Last Stand" where Joey harvested a 9 point buck. We decided to join forces and create a site that would promote our hunting and our faith. Jim Keeling joined the team in 2017.  As we grow and learn we hope that you will join us in that journey. We are not hunting experts nor are we faith experts. We are guys that simply love the Lord and we love the woods.  At Shedding Light Outdoors we aim to keep the main thing the main thing in our lives: God, family, and hunting. We invite you to join us in that mission.